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Discover the 2023-2024 Concert, Opera and Dance performances in Prague in its three beautiful operas...

The opera tickets for Prague's theatres sell out quickly… do not wait too long!

Prague, the city of a thousand spires, European Capital of Culture, welcomes you with open arms!

The city's beauty will charm you… and so will the operas! The Stavovské divadlo, the Státní opera and the Národní divadlo await you for an unforgettable moment! Are you tempted by an opera or a ballet?

A little history

Prague and Bohemia were first populated by the Boii, giving its name to the region. Later, the Slavs took over around the Sixth Century.

Located on the Bohemian plains at the crossing of trades routes of Europe, Prague developed fast. In 962, the city became part of the Holy Roman Empire and became a diocese in 978.

Prague became the capital of the Holy Roman Empire in 1355.

In 1526, the Habsburgs, the Austrian royal family, conquered Prague. The city became one of the capitals of the Empire with Vienna and Budapest.

Due to various conflicts between Catholics and Protestants, tensions grew. Prague's 1618 Defenestration sparked things off. Count Jaroslav Borsita von Martinic and Wilhelm Slavata von Chlum, Defenders of Faith, were both thrown out of a window. This event was one of the main triggers of the Thirty Years War.

On February 2nd, 1784, Prague grouped four towns: The Old Town, the New Town, Hradčany and Malá Strana. Prague had around 76 000 inhabitants by that time.

In 1848, Czech nationalism developed and the opposition to monarchy became massive. The opposition was severely disciplined on June 27th.

Prague became the capital of Czechoslovakia in 1918 after its independence. The symbols of Austrian monarchy were taken down.

In 1939, Czechoslovakia was taken by the Wehrmacht. The city was liberated on May 9th, 1945 by the Red Army after a rebellion of the inhabitants against the Germans.

After WWII, the communist party took the power following the Czech Coup of 1948.

During the Prague Spring of 1968, the local authorities made their socialist regime more flexible. Brezhnev deployed the Red Army and the Warsaw Pact Army. The Prague Spring movement was stopped. Czechoslovakia was split into two and Prague became the capital of the Socialist Czech Republic in 1969.

The fall of the Iron Curtain and the weakening of the USSR enfeebled the regime. The communist president resigned in 1990.

Prague naturally became the capital of Czech Republic in 1993.

What to do in Prague?

Prague is overflowing with places to visit and theatres. The city's architecture is incredible: there are gothic and roman buildings, but also Art Nouveau, cubism, rococo and baroque inspired ones!

The various districts of Prague all deserve to be visited. Malá Strana is famous for its baroque buildings. Saint Nicholas' Church and Holy Infant Jesus of Prague's Church both serve a visit.

Prague's Castle overlooks the Old Town and Malá Strana. It houses the Saint Vitus Cathedral, the presidential palace, exposition halls and various chapels!

In the Old Town, all architectural styles meet… just take a long walk and remember to pass by the Old Town Square!

The New Town has various Czech nationalism symbols, including the Národní divadlo and the Wenceslas Monument.

Prague's beautiful melody

The three main theatres are the Národní divadlo, the Stavovské divadlo and the Státní opera!

The Národní divadlo (National Theatre) is the most famous Czech theatre! The theatre opened for the first time in 1881. After 11 performances, the theatre burnt down and was closed. Josef Schulz rebuilt the building by merging three buildings.

The Národní divadlo reopened in 1883. An annexe was added, then a major refurbishing of the theatre's interior took place in 1977.

The Státní opera (State Opera) has always been the Národní's main competitor! The Neue Deutsche Theater opened in 1888 and was directed by Germans to rival the Czechs.

After the German troops left the city in 1945, the Czech acquired the Neuer Deutcher Theater and renamed it the Great Opera of May 5th.

The theatre was linked to the national theatre and renamed Smetana Theatre in 1949. After 1989, Karel Drgáč became the first director of the freshly renamed Státní opera.

The Stavovské divadlo (Theatre of the States) is older than the other theatres. It opened in 1783 and was meant for Italian and German operas, but the venue also showed other international productions and Czech productions.

Mozart's "Don Giovanni" was created here in 1787 and was a success. His "La clemenza di Tito" was also created in the Stavovské divadlo in 1791!

Some parts of the movie "Amadeus", which relates Mozart's life, were filmed in the Stavovské divadlo.

The cultural city of Prague awaits you! Visit the different districts and enjoy all the city has to offer! 

Book your opera tickets in Prague and enjoy an opera or ballet evening during your stay in Prague!

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From €47

L’elisir d’amore - Donizetti

Státní Opera, Prague - Czech Republic
From 24/09/2023 to 18/02/2024
From €43

La Traviata - Verdi

Státní Opera, Prague - Czech Republic
From 27/09/2023 to 04/01/2024
From €50

Libuse - Smetana

Národní divadlo, Prague - Czech Republic
From 28/09/2023 to 01/01/2024
From €52

Il barbiere di Siviglia - Rossini

Národní divadlo, Prague - Czech Republic
From 29/09/2023 to 25/02/2024
From €46

Rusalka - Dvorák

Státní Opera, Prague - Czech Republic
From 29/09/2023 to 07/01/2024
From €64

Don Giovanni - Mozart

Stavovské divadlo, Prague - Czech Republic
From 30/09/2023 to 14/02/2024
From €45

Die Zauberflöte - Mozart

Stavovské divadlo, Prague - Czech Republic
From 01/10/2023 to 13/01/2024
From €44

Moving Rooms / Frank Bridge Variations / Fly Paper Bird

Národní divadlo, Prague - Czech Republic
From 05/10/2023 to 14/10/2023
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