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Traviata - Opera a Palazzo - Fondation del Duca Paris

La Traviata - Opera a Palazzo

From 16 May TO 13 June 2024
Fondation Simone et Cino Del Duca - Paris

Verdi : La Traviata

3 heures
  • Director
    Patrizia Di Paolo
Details on the Performance

THE CONFIDENTIAL EXPERIENCE: Attend the opera in complete intimacy and in an exceptional residence!

La Fondation Simone et Cino del Duca opens its doors at night for an unforgettable evening to experience the great emotions of opera in complete privacy.

Facing the Parc Monceau in Paris, the main salon comes alive to welcome the timeless love story between Violetta and Alfredo.

Discover a new way of experiencing opera, follow Verdi's La Traviata and share a glass of Champagne with Violetta.
Let yourself be dazzled by the artists, who, a few metres away from you, erase distances and let you experience the opera from the inside.

Limited number of seats.

I never imagined for a moment that with such limited means it would be possible to restore the very essence of this masterpiece. Emotion on the skin!” Jean-Claude Casadesus, Orchestra conductor

Premium Category

The Premium category includes: the performance of "La Traviata" and a glass of champagneduring the interval.

- Welcome at La Monnaie de Paris Museum from 8pm.
- Performance of La Traviata begins at 8.30pm.The three acts take place in a beautiful lounge of the Museum
- A glass of Champagne is served during the interval.
Seats are not numbered.



  • Venue Info
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  • Synopsis

Fondation Simone et Cino Del Duca - Paris Location 10 Rue Alfred de Vigny - 75008 Paris France

  • Venue's Capacity: 80


La Traviata

Listen to the Music & Opera playlist : 


Set in Paris around 1850, the play tells the story of the love between a courtesan, Violetta Valéry, and a young man from a bourgeois family, Alfredo Germont. Madly in love with each other, Violetta goes so far as to give up her social life for Alfredo. Furious that his son is tarnishing his family's reputation, Father Germont urges Violetta to sacrifice her love. In a state of complete idleness, Violetta, seriously ill with tuberculosis, will not survive this heartbreak.

 Act 1

It all begins in a Parisian salon where Violetta, a prominent young courtesan, is giving a sumptuous party in the company of her friends. Among them is her protector and lover, Baron Douphol. During the evening Gastone, a friend of Violetta's, introduces her to Alfredo, a young man who has just arrived from the provinces and is madly in love with her. After declaring her love for him, she gives in to the idea that true love might be possible with him.

 Act 2

Alfredo and Violetta settle down together near Paris and live a perfect love. One day, Violetta receives a visit from Alfredo's father. He accuses her of an immoral union and tells her that her relationship with Alfredo is bringing his entire family into disrepute. Stating vehemently that they can never marry, Monsieur Germont implores Violetta to give up Alfredo for everyone's sake. The young courtesan decides to comply with Alfredo's father's wishes and writes her lover a parting letter.
Violetta then resumes her life as a courtesan and appears again in Paris, on the arm of her protector. Alfredo, blinded by rage and jealousy, has also gone to the party. After winning at the games, he humiliates Traviata by throwing her money in her face, "to pay her everything he owed her", provoking the astonishment of the guests.

Act 3

Long suffering from tuberculosis, Violetta's condition is getting worse with time. When she receives a letter from Alfredo's father, in which he confesses that he has confessed everything to his son, she finds herself hoping for a new life with Alfredo. The young lover is announced, but he barely has time to find his beloved before she expires in his arms, exhausted by her illness.


Violetta Valéry, courtesan and lover of Alfredo (soprano)
Alfredo Germont, Violetta's lover (tenor)
Giorgio Germont, Alfredo's father (baritone)
Flora Bervoix, Violetta's friend (mezzo-soprano)
Annina, Violetta's chambermaid (soprano)
Gastone, friend of Violetta and Alfredo (tenor)
Baron Douphol, Violetta's protector (baritone)

Fondation Simone et Sinon del Duca - Paris

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