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Jacquelyn Wagner

Mozart Don Giovanni

From 18 November TO 26 November 2022
Teatro Regio - Torino

Mozart : Don Giovanni 150 mn

  • Conductor
    Riccardo Muti
  • Director
    Chiara Muti
  • Performers
    Don Giovanni: Luca Micheletti
    Donna Anna: Jacquelyn Wagner
    Donna Elvira: Mariangela Sicilia
    Leporello: Alessandro Luongo
    Don Ottavio: Giovanni Sala
    Zerlina: Francesca Di Sauro
    Masetto: Leon Kosavic
    Il Commendatore: Riccardo Zanellato
  • Venue Info
  • Seating Plan
  • Synopsis

Teatro Regio - Torino Location Piazza Castello, 215 - 10124 Torino Italie

  • Venue's Capacity: 1582

Established at the beginning of the 18th century, at the initiative of Victor Amédée II, then of Charles Emmanuel III, the Teatro Regio was designed by the architect Benedetto Alfieri.


It opened on December 1740, and was for a long time one of the biggest theatres in the world (seating 2500 in its amphitheatre and five tiers of boxes). Magnificent decorations once adorned the auditorium, such as the vault painted by Bernardino Galliari. In the Napoleonic era, in order to expunge the emblems of the House of Savoy, the Regio was renamed the “Teatro Imperiale”. Its former name was restored in 1814 and it was redecorated in a neo-classical style, at the behest of King Charles Albert when Piedmont was reintegrated into the Kingdom of Savoy. After Italian unification and the move of the capital to Rome, the royal house transferred ownership of the theatre to the City of Turin.


One immortal figure stood out in the city’s musical life at the turn of the 20th century: Arturo Toscanini, notably with the premiere of La Bohème. With around 200 premieres, the Teatro Regio was then a serious contender with La Scala and of the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, but a terrible fire in 1936, which spared only its façade, forced it to close.


The new Teatro Regio opened in 1973 with Verdi’s "I Vespri Siciliani" performed by Maria Callas and Giuseppe di Stefano. It is now run as a private foundation. All year round the Teatro Regio hosts a vast range of initiatives and top-class musical performances, operatic works, ballets, symphonic concerts and vocal recitals. It has never ceased to be a witness to the history and events of Turin, Italy and Europe.

Teatro Regio

The seating plan is given as an indication and has no contractual value.
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Don Giovanni

One of the most popular and frequently performed operas in the history of the medium, Don Giovanni is arguably Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's most cherished and enduring work.

First performed in 1787, the opera includes a libretto by celebrated poet Lorenzo Da Ponte and continues to thrill and entertain audiences to this day. Broadly classified as a comedy the work blends melodrama and also includes a supernatural element. Making it one of the richest and most engaging classical works ever produced.

The piece centres around the life and exploits of fictional libertine and seducer Don Juan. Exploring the intricacies of his numerous relationships and eventual demise.

Act 1
The Don unsuccessfully attempts to seduce the already betrothed Donna Anna. The girl escapes and her father, the Commendatore challenges the Don to a dual. Giovanni kills the older man and escape with his servant Leporello, Donna Anna returns with her husband Don Ottavio and discovers her murdered father. She makes Ottavio swear he will avenge the death.
Leporello declares Giovanni's life to be scandalous, which angers his master. The Don's former lover Donna Elvira appears, angry at her betrayal at the hands of a man. Inspired by the prospect of another conquest Don Giovanni approaches only to be rebuffed.
Giovanni attempts to seduce another woman Zerlina, but is thwarted by Donna Elvira who exposes his true character to the girl. Donna Anna and Don Ottavio arrive at Giovanni's castle and, unaware of his role in the Commendatore's death, request his help in finding the killer.
After discovering Giovanni's role in her fathers murder, Donna Anna, Don Ottavio, Zerlina her scorned husband Masetto and Elvira resolve to kill the don. Wearing masks the group attempt an attack on the Don who keeps them at bay with his sword whilst using Leporello as a shield before escaping.

Act 2
Leporello threatens to leave Giovanni but is convinced to stay by the offer of money. Giovanni's enemy's track down the pair and prepare to kill the don, but he evades them once again, pretending to be his servant.
Returning to his castle Giovanni is begged by Elvira to change his ways but he decides to ignore her pleas. The remembrance statue erected in memory of the Commendatore comes to life and enters Giovanni's dining room as he eats. He asks the Don to repent but is ignored. The statue takes the Don's hand and drags him to hell, punishing him for a life of lies, inequity and deceit. Donna Anna, Don Ottavio, Elvira, Zerlina and Masetto arrive at the Don's castle to enact there revenge. They are too late and resolve to live honest and worthy lives before going their separate ways.


Don Giovanni - Baritone
Leporello - Bass
Commendatore - Bass
Donna Anna - Soprano
Don Ottavio - Tenor
Donna Elvira - Soprano
Masetto - Bass
Zerlina - Soprano

© Teatro Regio di Torino

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