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Discover the 2021-2022 season of operas and concerts in Baden-Baden and book your tickets now online for all performances in Baden-Baden!

Famous for its spa resort and its opera and concert season, Baden-Baden is a perfect destination for a long week-end!

The city rests in the valley of the Oos, a tributary of the Rhine. It is surrounded by the famous Black-Forest.


A really successful touristic destination!

After discovering a thermal spring, the Romans founded the town in 80 AC. The town was named Aquae Aureliae and thermae were built.

Later in 1112, Baden became the headquarters of the margraviate of Bade. Hohenbaden castle's old ruins are still visible on a nearby cliff.

The town went through various destructive periods. Religion wars divided and reorganised the margraviate. Baden was heavily damaged during the Thirty Years War and later burnt down by the French in 1689.

Baden became a touristic city at the end of the 18th century. Appreciated by nobles all around Europe, such as Stéphanie de Beauharnais, Baden became a must-see. Russian tsars often spent time in Baden and Queen Victoria's half-sister lived there and built the first golf course and tennis club of Germany! The town was later renamed Baden-Baden in 1931.

After the Second World War, the town became the headquarter of the French occupants.


And nowadays?

Baden-Baden is a nice place to dwell. New spa resorts were created and a great opera, the Festspielhaus, opened in 1998. Be ready to combine relaxation, music and culture!



Do not miss the remains of the old Roman thermae located under today's Friedrichsbad spa resort! Their functioning will no longer have any secrets to you!

Do not forget to spend time at the Caracalla spa resort… just relax!

The ideal place for a walk is the Lichtentaler Allee which follows the Oos. Admire the bridges which span across the river and the elegant villas lining the alley!

Baden-Baden has one of the largest opera houses of Germany: the Festspielhaus! The concert hall has a capacity of 2500 persons.

The Festspielhaus presents a great season with four festivals composed by operas and classical music concerts. Every year, numerous great orchestras and famous performers succeed one another, including the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Diana Damrau, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Sonya Yoncheva, Cecilia Bartoli, …

The opera tickets for performances at Baden-Baden are highly sought-after, it is recommended to book them in advance.

Let Baden-Baden charm you!


Discover the Hohenbaden to relive the history of the city and enjoy the panoramic view of the plains of the Rhine!

Enjoy the Caracalla spa resort and all the town has to offer, but most importantly, do not forget your opera ticket for the Festspielhaus!

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From €65

Symphony No. 2 - Mahler

Festspielhaus, Baden-Baden - Germany
The 29/01/2022

Wiener Singakademie

Bamberger Symphoniker


Jakub Hrusa

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From €61

Schubert / Schumann

Festspielhaus, Baden-Baden - Germany
The 20/02/2022
From €42

Stravinsky / Mendelssohn / García Lorca

Festspielhaus, Baden-Baden - Germany
The 27/02/2022

Kebyart Ensemble

From €46

Britten / Schubert

Festspielhaus, Baden-Baden - Germany
The 13/03/2022

Danish String Quartet

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