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  • Internationale Ervaring Specialist van klassieke muziek gedurende meer dan 20 jaar
  • Opera Cadeaubonne Geef concert- en operakaarten in prestigieuze locaties cadeau!
  • Klantenservice - AdviesService Service efficace et rapide, joignable par tel +33 1 53 59 39 29 ou Email
  • Geannuleerde voorstelling Tickets worden terugbetaald of er wordt een bon uitgegeven die 18 maanden geldig is.

Wie zijn wij


Music Opera: Reserverings Bureau specialist op gebied van klassieke voorstellingen in de wereld : Concerten, Opera´s, Ballet


Wij zijn goed bekend met de zalen en muziekseizoenen wat ons in staat stelt u een gedegen advies te geven voor de beste plaatsen in elk theater en u te helpen met de keuze van een voorstelling die u zal bevallen.


Sinds bijna 20 jaar geven wij de gids uit geven wij de gids Musique & Opéra autour du monde uit, waarin elk jaar een overzicht wordt gegeven van het totaalaanbod van muziekseizoenen en evenementen, evenals samenwerkingsverbanden met de meest beroemde operas, orkesten en festivals ter wereld.


Onze quota aan plaatsen en contacten stellen ons in staat voor u de beste plaatsen te reserveren voor voorstellingen in meer dan 40 landen!

We hebben direct contact met theaters, producenten en festivals omtrend alle plaatsen die worden aangeboden op onze webiste www.music-opera.com. Er zijn geen andere intermediairs.

De website van Music & Opera biedt u een database met meer dan 50 000 voorstellingen, een aanbod dat elke dag wordt bijgewerkt, die u in staat stelt om snel en eenvoudig de artiest of het werk van uw keuze te vinden en uw plaatsen te reserveren.


  Marie-Laure de Bello-Portu et Armand Cohen

The founders of the Music & Opera Guide had the brilliant idea of using their excellent relations with opera houses and classical concert venues around the world to open up and facilitate access to music by creating the music-opera.com website and Opera a Palazzo.


Cécile Temime  Cécile Temime

After having guided the destiny of Music & Opera as Marketing Director, Cécile naturally became the General Manager of the company in 2014. A master of languages and figures, she does it all but above all she ensures the good health of the company.


Sandrine Wibart Sandrine Wibart

The venues have no secrets for Sandrine, our great booking specialist and head of the reservation department. Her expertise is essential because for more than twenty-five years, she knows all the tips to get the best seats.


Hugues Rameau-Crays  Hugues Rameau-Crays

He is the classical music expert at Music & Opera! Artistic director and music critic, he knows absolutely everything (or almost everything) about the composers, the works, the productions, the singers and the venues he has been attending since he was 15. Needless to say, he has seen a lot...


Valérie Thiebaut Valérie Thiebaut

Valerie has travelled the world and has been around the globe several times. She is naturally the great expert of the M&O musical stays that she organises with heart. Those who have had the pleasure of crossing her path know her kindness and generosity.


  Gaëlle Le Trecole

After giving birth to twins, Gaëlle is back in the reservation team more motivated than ever. Speaking English, German and Spanish, she knows how to listen to the most challenging requests, keeping a constant good spirit which can be heard even on the phone.


Naima Choujar Naima Choujar

The dynamic Naima has a challenging task as she replaces Violaine Thielen, founder and mainstay of M&O, who has left to live happily in the sun. The warmth remains in Naima's smiling eyes, as she is now in charge of administration and accounting.


  Messina Contell Delassus

A ballet lover, our charming Communications Officer Messina makes tweets, posts and other stories dance with art. The great graphic professional does not neglect the sound, however, and sneaks into every opera house as soon as she gets the chance. 


Marta Blanchetti  Marta Blanchetti

Even though Marta has the typical courtesy and gentleness of a native of Piedmont, she is passionate about classical music. Once a piano teacher, she now plays four hands with Marion to bring La Traviata to life in the Opera a Palazzo project.


Marion Barba  Marion Barba

The flamboyant Marion's strong character is undoubtedly due to her dual French-Italian background. She forms a perfect duo with Marta to bring to life the new project, Opera a Palazzo, within Music & Opera Events. Thanks to her energy, La Traviata comes to life every evening. 


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