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Pierre Boulez Saal


Il 17 dicembre 2019
Pierre Boulez Saal - Berlin
1 h 15








  • Interpreti
    Emmanuel Pahud
  • informazioni Teatro
  • Pianta del Teatro

Pierre Boulez Saal - Berlin Location Französische Strasse 33D - 10117 Berlin Allemagne

  • Capacità 682

L'Opera in poche righe

The Pierre Boulez Saal, designed by renown architect Frank O’ Gehry, is a space where listeners are invited to dig below the surface. This unique concert hall provides a sounding board for dialog and enables audiences to understand music on its countless levels. It is a place where many elements — cultural, artistic, humanistic, architectural and historical — and people come together to create an environment of communication, listening and understanding. The hall seats up to 682 visitors, and each guest is seamlessly integrated into the space. The setting can adapt to the number of musicians and, above all, to the repertoire being performed.


Each vantage point offers a different take on the concert, and even the performing artists constantly discover new perspectives within the space. The audience is never separated from the musicians by more than a few meters; each listener is able to feel a direct connection to the players and can be drawn in their concentration on the essential elements of their work. It is the expression of an ideal that highlights unity and inspires creativity in all those who cross the threshold of the Pierre Boulez Saal.

Pierre Boulez Saal

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Pierre Boulez Saal

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