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The 2017-2018 Music & Opera Guide



Book now the next edition of the 2017–2018 Music & Opera around the world. This unique Guide is made for music lovers, travellers willing to get a detailed overview of the Opera and Concert seasons of this year, in  more than 460 venues and orchestras around the world.


You will find in the guide:


- Great performers (singers, soloists, conductors) presented with their complete season schedule and pictures, in order to follow your favorite artists.


- Prestigious venues and its seasons with seating charts, pictures and all practical information to book your tickets.


- The International Schedule of more than 460 venues and orchestras until August 2018.


- Two indexes sorted by performer and by opera to find your favorite artists and operas around the world!


Trilingual : English, German and French - Format : 230 x 297 


To give you an idea,
let's check online a part of the book, just HERE.

+FREE: the special festivals magazine with the 2018 season, sent in may 2018.


All fees included

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