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From 27 July to 01 September 2018

Aida © Arena Opera Festival 2015
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Aida - Verdi

Aida - Verdi

Price Information : Music & Opera price include ticket face value as well as fees ranging from 15 to 20% max. including 22% VAT, administrative and banking fees


  • Verdi : Aida


  • Conductor : Andrea Battistoni

  • Conductor : Daniel Oren

  • Director : Franco Zeffirelli

Price Information : Music & Opera price include ticket face value as well as fees ranging from 15 to 20% max. including 22% VAT, administrative and banking fees

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Address : Piazza Brà, 1,, 37121 Verona Italy

Capacity :

8000 seats

Work Approximate Running Time : 160 mn




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This opera is recognised as one of the world's most celebrated.
Composed by Verdi, this dramatic tale, pivots around a love triangle.
It reaches the depths of emotion, with great highs of love and deep lows of despair, all common components, in magnificent dramas and tragic narratives. Outstanding performances, powerful arias and lavish mise-en-scene, intertwine, transporting audiences to a space, back in time, amidst the ruins of ancient Egypt.

Mystery, intrigue, passion and pain resonate throughout scenes and this musical, known as the 'Grand Opera', leaves audiences captivated and enthralled within its rhapsody.


Radames and Aida are in love, although she loves her father and is loyal to Ethiopia. Radames defeats Ethiopia in war, being rewarded with Amneris' hand in marriage. Plans for Radames and the Ethiopian Princess to elope end, when King Amonasro requests her to uncover Egypt's invasion plan. Radames, revealing details, is sentenced to death. The lovers are buried alive.

Act 1 Memphis, Ancient Egypt, during the rule of the great Pharaohs.

A soldier Radames is informed, by High Priest Ramfis, that Ethiopian adversaries are planning an attack on Egypt. Radames, who desires to lead Egypt to victory, is in love with the Ethiopian servant. He imagines triumph in war will enable him to liberate her. The Pharaoh's daughter, Amneris, loves Ramfis too. The Ethiopian servant is torn between her love for Radames and loyalty to country and to her father.

Act 2 Egypt defeats Ethiopia.

Amneris tells Aida that Ethiopia are the victors, saying Radames suffered a great injury, then later reveals the truth, to see her servant's reaction. Ethiopian captives arrive at the palace, among which is Amonasro. Upon seeing his daughter, he signals her to keep his identity secret. His pleas for mercy impress the Pharaoh, who spares the lives of the men, keeping King Amonasro captive. Declaring Radames a hero, he offers him his daughter's hand in marriage.

Act 3

On the eve of the royal wedding, Amneris and Ramfis offer prayers at the temple. The Ethiopian Princess awaits Radames, who has promised to run away with her. Amonasro appears, asking his daughter to uncover the route Radames has in mind for the invasion of Ethiopia. She agrees and upon extracting the information from Radames, Amonasro appears. Radamaes, realises his mistake. Father and daughter escape, but Radames, surrenders to the priest and is held as captive.



Aida, Ethiopian Princess - Soprano
Radames, a brave warrior in Egypt's army - Tenor
Amneris, The Pharaoh's Daughter - Mezzo-Soprano
Amonasro, Captive of the King of Egypt - Baritone
Ramfis, The High Priest - Bass
King of Egypt and father to Amneris - Bass

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