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Aida - 2018 © DR Festival Arena di Verona

Verdi Aida

From 20 June TO 05 September 2020
Arena - Verona

Verdi : Aida

3 h 30 Sung in : Italian
  • Conductor
    Andrea Battistoni
    Plácido Domingo
    Daniel Oren
  • Director
    Franco Zeffirelli
  • Performers
    Aida: Zarina Abaeva
    Aida: Veronika Dzhioeva
    Aida: Angela Meade
    Aida: María José Siri
    Radamès: Roberto Aronica
    Radamès: Murat Karahan
    Radamès: Yusif Eyvazov
    Radamès: Carlo Ventre
    Radamès: Samuele Simoncini
    Radamès: Marcelo Álvarez
    Amneris: Ekaterina Semenchuk
    Amneris: Judit Kutasi
    Amneris: Teresa Romano
    Amneris: Olesya Petrova
    Amneris: Anna Maria Chiuri
    Amonasro: Ambrogio Maestri
    Amonasro: Sebastian Catana
    Amonasro: Alberto Gazale
    Amonasro: Amartuvshin Enkhbat
    Amonasro: Luca Salsi
    Amonasro: Simone Piazzola
    Ramfis: Marko Mimica
    Ramfis: Jongmin Park
    Ramfis: Giorgio Giuseppini
    Ramfis: Michele Pertusi
    Ramfis: Rafal Siwek
    Ramfis: Romano Dal Zovo
    Il Re: Simon Lim
    Il Re: Romano Dal Zovo
    Il Re: Viktor Shevchenko
Details on the Performance

The ‘Queen’ of the Arena di Verona’s Opera titles Aida, will be staged from June 20th 2020, in 16 performances with the impressive production created in 2002 by the genius of Franco Zeffirelli, who recreates an ancient Egypt that is magnificent and multi-coloured, thanks also to the iconic costumes created by Anna Anni, on a set dominated by a huge golden pyramid, expressly conceived and designed for the Arena’s wide spaces.
Source © Festival Arena di Verona





Daniel Oren (20/6 – 5, 10, 14, 18, 24, 30/7 – 2, 5, 9, 12, 20/8)

Plácido Domingo (25/6)

Andrea Battistoni (29/8 – 1, 5/9)




Angela Meade (20, 25/6 – 5, 10/7)

María José Siri (14, 24, 30/7 – 20, 29/8 – 1, 5/9)

Zarina Abaeva (2, 5/8)

Veronika Dzhioeva (9, 12/8)



Marcelo Álvarez (20/6 – 10/7)

Carlo Ventre (25/6 – 30/7 – 2, 5/8)

Yusif Eyvazov (5, 14/7)

Roberto Aronica (18, 24/7)

Samuele Simoncini (9, 12/8)

Murat Karahan (20, 29/8 – 1, 5/9)



Ekaterina Semenchuk (20/6)

Olesya Petrova (25/6 – 5, 18, 24/7 – 9, 12, 20, 29/8)

Teresa Romano (10, 14/7)     

Judit Kutasi (30/7 – 2, 5/8)

Anna Maria Chiuri (1, 5/9)



Ambrogio Maestri (20, 25/6)

Alberto Gazale (14/7)             

Amartuvshin Enkhbat (18/7)

Simone Piazzola (24, 30/7 – 2/8)

Sebastian Catana (5, 9, 12, 20, 29/8 – 1/9)

Luca Salsi (5/9)



Michele Pertusi (20/6 – 29/8)

Rafał Siwek (25/6 – 14, 18/7 – 1, 5/9)

Jongmin Park (5, 10/7)

Marko Mimica (24, 30/7 – 2/8)

Giorgio Giuseppini (5, 9/8)

Romano Dal Zovo (12, 20/8)


The King

Simon Lim (20, 25/6 – 5/7)

Romano Dal Zovo (10, 14, 18, 24, 30/7 – 2, 5, 9, 29/8 – 1, 5/9)

Viktor Shevchenko (12, 20/8)


Price Information : Music & Opera price include ticket face value as well as fees ranging from 15 to 20% max. including 22% VAT, administrative and banking fees


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Attend this performance as a part of a Travel!

  • Venue Info
  • Seating Plan
  • Synopsis

Arena - Verona Location Piazza Brà, 1, - 37121 Verona Italie

  • Venue's Capacity: 8000


The seating plan is given as an indication and has no contractual value.
The division of categories may differ depending on shows and dates.



This opera is recognised as one of the world's most celebrated. Composed by Verdi, this dramatic tale, pivots around a love triangle.
It reaches the depths of emotion, with great highs of love and deep lows of despair, all common components, in magnificent dramas and tragic narratives. Outstanding performances, powerful arias and lavish mise-en-scene, intertwine, transporting audiences to a space, back in time, amidst the ruins of ancient Egypt.

Mystery, intrigue, passion and pain resonate throughout scenes and this musical, known as the 'Grand Opera', leaves audiences captivated and enthralled within its rhapsody.

In the Egypt of the pharaohs, Ethiopian king Amonasro threats to attack Thebe and the entire Nile valley. Young captain of the guard Radamès finds himself in love with a juvenile Ethiopian slave, named Aida, whose being Amonasro’s daughter he completely ignores. Pharaoh’s daughter Amneris is in love with Radames, instead. Jealousy and passion alongside with betrayal and war will eventually lead to the death of the young slave and her beloved captain.
Act 1
High Priest Ramphis learns from Radamès that Amonasro intends to attack Thebe. Radamès, on the other hand, dreams to be appointed commander of the Egyptian army and to annihilate the Ethiopians infantry in order to be able to claim the hand of Aida, young Ethiopian Pharaoh’s daughter ‘slave. However, Amneris is in love with the young captain and gets ballistic at the idea that he has feeling for her slave, whose heart is parted between the love for her home country and that she feels for the young Egyptian.
Act 2
Amneris tricks Aida into confessing her love for Radamès. Upon triumphantly returning from Ethiopia and accompanied by festive trumpets he asks the pharaoh to pardon the prisoners, among which stands Ethiopian’s king Amonasro and his daughter Aida. Pharaoh decides to grant Radamès request and rewards him with Amneris’ hand.
Act 3
Radamès and Aida arrange to meet by the Nile’s bank but the rendezvous is discovered by Amonasro that thus becomes aware of his daughter ‘secret love. He then suggests her took advantages of the situation to wring useful information, that might be beneficial to the Ethiopian cause, out of Radames. Aida begs her beloved to flee to Ethiopia together and after agreeing he discloses details regarding the route the Egyptian army is taking. After overhearing the conversation, Amonasro gets out of his hiding place and offers the throne and his daughter’s hand to the young commander. Nevertheless, they’re all oblivious of the fact Amneris has witnessed it all and quickly runs to the High Priest that eventually manages to get Radamès arrested for betrayal, whilst Aida is let free to runaway.
Act 4
Amneris promises to spare Radamès life if he gives up his feeling for Aida but he rejects the offer and gets walled up. Amnéris is devastated and cries her heart out in the attempt to save her beloved’s life. In his tomb, the former commander falls prey of sadness and despair but suddenly finds out Aida is in the tomb as well to hold his hand on his way to death.


Aida, Ethiopian Princess - Soprano
Radames, a brave warrior in Egypt's army - Tenor
Amneris, The Pharaoh's Daughter - Mezzo-Soprano
Amonasro, Captive of the King of Egypt - Baritone
Ramfis, The High Priest - Bass
King of Egypt and father to Amneris - Bass

Arena di Verona

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