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Every one recognises the Opera as the iconic monument of Sydney with its incomparable volumes making the building a masterpiece of international architecture. A legend tells that, in a recent past, some big stars of the Lyric art "tested" the most difficult roles in Sydney in front of a brilliant audience but very far from the Western journalists!

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Book your tickets for the 2017-2018 Opera season of Sydney Opera House and the concerts of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.  




The iconic Sydney Opera is the most visited monument of Australia and a quite a symbol all by itself. The history of its construction has been turbulent as often is the case with buildings of this scale. Under the characteristic roof, the two main halls designed to accommodate opera productions on the one hand and concerts on the other hand have undergone many modifications since the design of the Danish architect Jorn Utzon. For a greater acoustic satisfaction of the spectators, the operas are played in the hall of 1,500 places, even though the machinery needed to accommodate large productions is lacking. The concerts are given in the largest hall of 2,680 seats.




Obviously, in order to fully appreciate this exceptional opera, we must experience a representation inside the building. Especially since the building will close from 2019 for construction reasons that will last 18 months, mainly with the purpose to improve the acoustics. The Australians will tell you that it is merely a question of finishing the interior, since the budget overrun has melted down the original ambition.



One can safely say that absolutely every opportunity is good to book tickets to a performance at the Sydney Opera House!


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