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Book your tickets for opera and concert performance in Dresden, a great cultural city offering a wide range of performances all year long.

The 2019-2020 Season of Semperoper, Dresde Opera is online, to discover !  

The "jewel box" city combining rococo and baroque welcomes you with open arms for a musical week-end! Attend to an opera in Dresden and do not forget your tickets!


A little history

The origins of the city dates from the seventh century Slavic settlement named Drežd'any. Later, in 1270, Dresden became the capital of the Meissen Margraviate, before being taken by the Brandenburg Margraviate in 1316.  In 1485, Dresden became the headquarters of the Saxony Dukes and in 1547, the Electors' headquarters.

Frederick Augustus I, Elector and chief of Saxony, became Frederick Augustus II, King of Poland in 1697. During his reign and Frederick Augustus III's, the very best artists, architects and musicians gather in Dresden. The city became one of the main European artistic poles. During this period, the Zwinger Royal Palace, the Hofkirche and the Frauenkirche were built.

During the nineteenth century, the city also became an important industrial centre which produced cars, medical equipment, …

When the German Empire was founded, a great military facility, which could hold up to 20 000 men was built: the Albertstadt. It wasn't used a lot until 1934, when it was reactivated for WWII preparations.

Between 1944 and 1945, the city was bombed seven times by the Allies. Between February 13th and 15th 1945, 2 431 tons of explosives and 1 476 tons of incendiary bombs were dropped on Dresden. When the war ended, the city centre was destroyed up to 90%.

After the war, Dresden became one of the GDR's main industrial centres. In the 90's, great reconstruction projects were created. The Neumarkt area was divided into eight areas, out of which some are still under construction. The reconstruction of the Frauenkirche ended in 2005.


What to do in Dresden?

Despite the destruction caused by WWII, Dresden still has a rich architecture! The city also has 65% of its surface covered by parks… how about walking around?

Visit the Frauenkirche. This cathedral has one of the largest domes in Europe and is worth the detour!

You should also visit the Zwinger, a baroque palace which houses museums, such as the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister or the Dresden Porcelain Collection. Ideally, make a little detour to admire Dresden's Royal Palace. Its reconstruction ended in 2013 and the palace is a true gem.

A visit at the Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr (Museum of military history) will most certainly please you if you are a history lover. It is located in the old Albertstadt garrison…


Dresden and classical music

At its peak, Dresden was a major art centre. Dresden is still, nowadays, an unavoidable destination for music lovers! Enjoy an opera at the Semperoper!

The Semperoper was built in 1841 by Gottfried Semper. The Semperoper has been the first stage for many of Richard Strauss' or Wagner's masterpieces!

Just like most buildings of the city, the opera was destroyed during the WWII bombings. It was built in 1985, almost identically, with a modern scenic equipement.

The Semperoper has attracted the very best of artists and composers. It also houses one of the best orchestras: the Staatskapelle!

Since its rebuilding, the great Frauenkirche Cathedral occasionally welcomes various performances, including concerts! Enjoy the fabulous acoustics while admiring the interior of the cathedral.


Head to Dresden! This beautiful city awaits you. The magnificent buildings will charm you!

Book your opera tickets for the Semperoper and your concert tickets for the Frauenkirche in advance! The tickets are highly sought after…

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