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Discover the 2018 season and book your opera, ballet or concert tickets in Orange!


The city of Princes welcomes you into the heart of Provence!

History and classical music meet in this city during the Chorégies d’Orange.

Attend to an opera in Orange!


A little history


The city was founded by the Gallo-Romans of the second Gallic legion in 35 before JC. Arausio (Orange) was strongly influenced by the Gallo-Roman culture and numerous buildings still prove this nowadays, such as the Arch of Triumph or the Antique Theatre!

In 412, the city was pillaged by the Visigoths. Orange was conquered by the Francs and their allies, the Burgundy Army, in 508. The city was taken by the Ostrogoths the flowing year.

Orange later belonged to the Kingdom of Burgundy. It was given the principality status in 1163 and obtained various privileges.


During the first religion war of 1562, Protestants took down the cathedral’s bell tower and burnt the relics. They were massacred by the Pope’s army. In 1572, the city is retaken by the Protestants.

Orange was occupied numerous times by the French between 1673 and 1713. Orange was definitively annexed by France in 1713, following the Utrecht Treaty.


The French Revolution was a dark period for Orange as many executions took place. The judges and prosecutors of the court were guillotined on June 26th, 1795.


During the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, a couple floods damaged the city.


What to do in Orange?

This typical Gallo-Roman city is an ideal destination for a weekend in the heart of Provence!


Walk around and observe the different antique buildings located in the city. Start your day with one of the most well-preserved Arches of Triumph, standing on the northern entrance of the city!

Then, visit the antique theatre! Incredibly well-conserved, this theatre is worth a guided tour! Enjoy the great view of the stage from the high seats!


Climb up the Saint-Eutrope hill for a splendid view on the city and the antique theatre!

Come back later in the evening to attend to a performance of the Chorégies d’Orange! This festival is ideal for any music lover… It takes place every year from July to August and many opera stars, such as Roberto Alagna, Marcelo Álvarez or Bryn Terfel meet on stage! Aida, Carmen, Elektra, Rigoletto, … many masterpieces are performed every year!

Do not wait to book your ticket for the Chorégies d’Orange! These tickets are very demanded and are quickly sold out… enjoy this unique venue!

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