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Barcelona is remarkable for its highly varied range of musical performances. From classical music, opera and ballet to the most modern music, through jazz and flamenco. Book now your concert or opera tickets!

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Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, is the perfect city for a long week-end next to the seaside, enjoying Gaudí's masterpieces and attending to an opera at the Gran Teatro del Liceu!

Barcelona's history

The exact origins of the city are hazy. Despite the legends, Barcelona wasn't founded by Hannibal's father! Barkeno was an Iberian installation conquered by the Romans and renamed Barcino in 19 BC.

Barcino was a military camp before becoming a trading city. Its position on Via Augusta, a major trade route, allowed the city to grow.

In 414, Barcino is conquered by the Visigoths. Between 716 and 718, the city is taken by the Moors, then by the Carolingians in 801 and shortly after retaken by the Moors.

During the 12th century, Barcelona is a city in which trading has a major economic impact. In the 15th century, Barcelona is attached to the Spanish monarchy. Between 1640 and 1714, the town is besieged and heavily damaged.

In 1888, Barcelona organised its first World's Exhibition, which lead to an important cultural development. A second exhibition took place in 1929. After the Spanish civil war and the 1938 bombings, Barcelona was rebuilt.

The Olympic Games of 1992 played a major role in turning Barcelona into a touristic destination. Nowadays, Barcelona welcomes over 8 million visitors every year!

A little culture

The city's architecture is very rich and incredible: visualise the Sagrada Família, the magnificent asymmetrical house facades by Antoni Gaudí, the buildings with gothic or Moorish architecture… quite a view, isn't it ?

The astonishing Sagrada Família is being built since 1885. The crypt was inaugurated in 1885. Go see Gaudí's Casa Battló. The colourful and surrealistic building will leave its mark on you! You should also visit the Casa Milà: it's another one of Gaudí's masterpieces!

Barcelona is the cradle of many artists such as Santiago Rusiñol or Joan Miró. Visit the Fundació Joan Miró in the setting of the Montjuïc park! Pablo Picasso was one of the Escola de la Llotja's, Barcelona's school of arts and design, pupils!

Barcelona and music

Every music lover knows Barcelona is a major reference in the classical music world! The Gran Teatro del Liceu and the Palau de la Música Catalana are the two must-sees to fully enjoy your musical experience in Barcelona.

Inaugurated in 1847 on the Rambla, the Gran Teatro del Liceu was built the architect Miquel Garriga i Roca and based on Italian inspired theatre construction plans. Soon after the grand opening, Donizetti's Anna Bolena was the first opera performed.

The Gran Teatro del Liceu has gone through many incidents. The first one was a fire in 1861. In 1893, an anarchist dropped two bombs! Another fire occurred in 1994, severely damaging the theatre. It re-opened in October 1999.

The theatre still offers a fantastic acoustic quality. The Gran Teatro del Liceu is among the most prestigious operas in the world!

ThePalau de la Música Catalana is an architectural gem, symbolising the Catalan modernism. The gothic inspired vaults, the curtain walls and stained-glass windows are Lluís Domènech i Montaner's works.

Since its inauguration in 1908, the Palau has welcomed the very best of artists, composers and orchestras, such as Clara Haskil, Maurice Ravel or Richard Strauss!

ThePalau de la Música Catalanais a World Heritage Site since 1997.

Head to Barcelona!

Barcelona's Gothic Quarter is the ideal place for a stroll in the shady streets. Look around you and enjoy the terraces, the musicians and the ambiance which differs from the Rambla's or the Cathedral's…

Don't forget to enjoy the beach too!

Opera tickets in Barcelona are highly sought after. Do not forget your tickets for an opera at Teatro del Liceu or a concert at Palau de la Música Catalana… or both!

In the Summer, do not missed the Peralada Festival located in the north of Barcelona, close to Gerona. These architectural and cultural gems are both must-sees! 

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